HQ-Edit: A High-Quality Dataset for Instruction-based Image Editing


This study introduces HQ-Edit, a high-quality instructionbased image editing dataset with around 200,000 edits. Unlike prior approaches relying on attribute guidance or human feedback on building datasets, we devise a scalable data collection pipeline leveraging advanced foundation models, namely GPT-4V and DALL-E 3. To ensure its high quality, diverse examples are first collected online, expanded, and then used to create high-quality diptychs featuring input and output images with detailed text prompts, followed by precise alignment ensured through post-processing. In addition, we propose two evaluation metrics, Alignment and Coherence, to quantitatively assess the quality of image edit pairs using GPT-4V. HQ-Edit’s high-resolution images, rich in detail and accompanied by comprehensive editing prompts, substantially enhance the capabilities of existing image editing models. For example, an HQ-Edit finetuned InstructPix2Pix can attain state-of-theart image editing performance, even surpassing those models fine-tuned with human-annotated data.

In submission to The Thirty-eight Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems Datasets and Benchmarks Track
Siwei Yang
Siwei Yang
Ph.D. in Computer Science

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.